Earth Angels Environmental Programs

Our award-winning environmental programs are directed at the community, youth groups, and students in elementary school, high school, colleges and universities.  They are an enhancement to the school science curriculum and include the educational modules and the tools and materials for the students to make a positive impact on the environment.  Through these Programs we are increasing the tree canopy, creating meadow habitat to protect our pollinators, cleaning our streams, reducing energy consumption to reduce pollution, providing training and experience to post-secondary students, providing a link between technology and the physical environment, and most importantly teaching the children.  These Programs are provided free to the participating schools, children, youth and communities.

Tree Planting Program

This Program is designed for communities and for students in grades 3 through 12 and post-secondary students.  It takes place on your schoolyard or campus.  This Program takes place in the early spring and Earth Angels provides the trees and materials, educational modules, and instructions.  For more Information

Butterfly Garden Program

Designed for students in grades K through 8, this Program takes the students on a journey through metamorphosis, protecting our pollinators, and creates a mini-ecosystem on the schoolyard for on-going study of meadow ecosystems.  This Program takes place in the late spring on your schoolyard and Earth Angels provides the native meadow plants and materials, the educational modules and instructions.  For more information

Meadow Ecosystem Habitat 

This program directly involves the secondary school students in creating meadow ecosystems on secondary school yards. This program is replacing our lost meadow habitat, protecting our biodiversity and is directed at the science curriculum areas of:  analyzing urban remedial projects, and climate change.  This Program takes place in the late spring and Earth Angels provides the educational materials, data analysis sheets, the native meadow plants and instructions.  For more information

Biodiversity Field Trip Program

This Program takes elementary school children in grades 3 through 5 directly into natural properties with full ecosystems for hands-on study directed at their science curriculum.  The children will have the opportunity to study and explore 3 specific ecosystems in this outdoor classroom.  This program takes place in late May and is a 1/2 day off-site program.  Earth Angels provides the educational modules, the teachers at each ecosystem, and pays for the school buses.  For more information

Training and Teaching Experience for Post-Secondary Students

It's difficult for post-secondary students to get outdoor education training and teaching experience.  We are providing it, and helping them attain their future.  For more information

Student Energy Challenge

This program is provided as an enhancement to the grade 5 energy conservation curriculum.  Teachers can enroll in this Program before March of each year.  For more information

Stream Revitalization Program

This Program is directed at students in grades 8 through 12 and involves them in planting trees and plants along water corridors to reduce pollution-loading into our streams.  For more information

The Green Portal

This is Earth Angels' link between technology and taking physical action to improve the environment.  Photos or videos of your environmental accomplishments can be displayed on the Green Portal section of our website. Use this site to share your work with other people.  This site also provides further environmental study on ecosystems.  For more information

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