Tree Planting

Why Trees are Important

Trees are a vital part of our environment.  They produce oxygen, absorb pollution, temper the climate and provide food and habitat for countless species.  With expanding cities and suburbs, our tree canopy has been tremendously reduced impacting air and water quality and the ecosystems they foster.

Schoolyard Tree Planting Programs

This Program gets the school children in grades 3 through 12 directly involved in learning about the many benefits and roles of trees, and in planting large trees on their schoolyard.  Through this Program we are retreeing urban areas and teaching the children how to continue on as the environmental stewards.  Earth Angels provides the in-class educational modules as well as 5 large indigenous trees delivered directly to the school.  The tree planting under this Program takes place during the school-day in mid-April. The educational modules also provide instructions on how to plan the schoolyard "Tree Plan", how to plant the trees, safety in planting, and how to care for the trees. We are providing the education, and the tools/materials to allow the kids to play an active role in shaping their future.  Building life-long skills and attitudes. To see the TV news coverage on this Earth Angels' Program click here

Community Tree Projects

Community members are very important in identifying and tackling areas in their community that need environmental work.  Earth Angels works with community groups across Ontario providing information and the trees and materials to complete these important projects.

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