Student Energy Challenge

What is the Student Energy Challenge?

This is a Province-Wide Challenge directed at the grade 5 curriculum.  Students and schools across the province compete to save the most energy and win the Energy Challenge Trophy.

Tackling climate change through energy conservation.  Building lifelong behavioural changes in energy use through fun action-based activities.  This full energy conservation program draws the connection between electricity creation, energy use, and the negative impact on the environment through the wasteful use of energy.

Jump in and take the challenge.

Through energy conservation, there will be less pollution, wiser use of our resources, and a reduced impact on climate change.

Earth Angels Student Energy Challenge is a full package of prepared educational materials and activities that get students directly plugged into electricity conservation.  Students learn why it’s so important to conserve electricity and how to make conservation a part of everyday life. Students can track and measure their conservation activities, and develop conservation plans to learn how simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference when everyone gets involved.  For every activity completed and returned, each school receives points towards winning the Student Energy Challenge, and ultimately the Trophy.  

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