Stream Revitalization

Urbanization and population growth has decreased the tree coverage, and created thousands of acres of concrete, roads and bridges.  This allows for full run-off of pollution directly into our waterways.  And this combined with high air pollution and climate change is having an increasing negative impact on the water quality and habitat health of our streams.

Our Stream Revitalization program involves senior elementary and high school students in the study of stream site ecosystems and in streamside remedial activity.  Through educational modules and in-class labs, students learn about hydrology, stream border ecosystems and the impacts of pollution and climate change on both water quality and aquatic life and habitat. In addition to these inclass studies, the students will also be involved in streamside tree plantings to help stabilize and revegetate degraded stream borders.

Re-establishing a healthy ecosystem along stream borders provides many interconnected environmental benefits such as: providing shade, increasing soil stability, filtering surface and ground water, reduction of debris and other pollutants entering streams, and providing a food source and habitat for fish, amphibians, small mammals, and birds. Re-establishing this stream-border ecosystem is essential in terms of both pollution, and in water temperature being warmed by climate change. The end result is an improved environment for all living things.


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