Making An Impact

Measurable Results
  • We are cleaning the air and water; maintaining our biodiversity; tackling climate change; and empowering the youth with the knowledge and tools to be the next environmental guardians.

Removing Pollution
  • We have built energy conservation into the lives of hundreds of thousands of school children and their families, thereby reducing pollution resulting from energy production.
  • We have planted millions of trees and native plants that absorb pollution from both the air and water.

Protecting Biodiversity
  • Our Programs have re-treed urban centers with a variety of indigenous tree species to protect and maintain our biodiversity.
  • We have created naturalized areas on schoolyards across Ontario to expand the biodiversity in our urban areas which have lost the majority of their meadow ecosystems.
  • We have planted milkweed to protect the Monarch Butterfly, which has lost 70% of its habitat in southern Ontario.

Educating and Training the Next Environmental Leaders
  • We have provided the education, materials and skills to over 2 million school children and 200,000 teachers, who have carried on with environmental action.
  • We have created and provided Biodiversity Field Trips to 6,500 urban school children, to enhance their understanding of their science curriculum. This Program reconnects the children to full ecosystems, and the importance of protecting our biodiversity.
  • We have provided training and experience to 210 university environmental students on these Biodiversity Field Trips.  We are training tomorrow's leaders today.

Outdoor Environmental Education Directed at the Science Curriculum
  • We have created outdoor classrooms to tackle Nature Deficit Disorder.
  • These classrooms help the grade 3 students better understand their Science Curriculum.
  • We are promoting and providing outdoor physical activity and environmental exploration.

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