Butterfly Garden and Meadow Habitat

Meadows and Pollinators

Through the financial support of Environment Canada through the federal Department of the Environment, Earth Angels launched its "100,000 Meters of Meadow Program".  Through this Program, Earth Angels has a goal of recreating 100,000 meters of our lost meadow habitat in order to protect our pollinators and biodiversity.

70% of the meadows in Southern Ontario have been removed to create housing and roads.  These meadows are the natural home for our pollinators:  our Butterflies and Bees. They rely on the variety of meadow plants for food, health and home. Due to the removal of so much of our meadow land, our pollinators are in trouble.  The Monarch Butterfly is on the Government's list of "species of special concern", and our bees are being impacted by "bee colony collapse", and "bee colony death". Our flowers and 30% of our food production depends on pollination. It is tremendously important that we protect our pollinators and biodiversity by creating meadow habitat throughout our urban areas. Earth Angels' "100,000 Meters of Meadow Program" was created to replenish our meadow habitats, protect our pollinators, and protect our biodiversity.  This will be increasingly important as climate change unfolds.  This Program is divided into the Butterfly Garden Program for elementary schools, the Meadow Habitat Program for secondary school students, and the Urban Meadow for corporate volunteers and community groups.

Butterfly Garden Program: Grades K through 8

This Program is directed at the science curriculum and directly involves the school children in learning about the Monarch Butterfly, its reliance on milkweed, ecosystems, species interdependence, the impacts of pollution, and how we can reduce pollution in our everyday lives.  Earth Angels provides the in-class Educational Modules, as well as the plants, materials and instructions for the children to plant a butterfly garden on a protected area of their schoolyard.  The garden planting segment of this Program takes place during the school-day in late May through early June.

Meadow Ecosystem Habitat: Grades 9 through 12

This project takes place on the school property, and is directed at the science curriculum.  It involves the students in planting and analyzing their own "urban remedial project".  It also involves the students in the study of potential impacts of climate change and how this meadow is an important climate change tool. Earth Angels provides the in-class educational modules, the native meadow plants, planting instructions, and the analysis sheets to allow the students to gather data on their meadow habitat development. The planting segment of this Program takes place during the school-day in late May to early June.

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