Biodiversity Field Trip

Biodiversity Field Trip for Elementary School Children

Ontario's population has doubled since 1970.  The housing and infrastructure needed to support this expanded population has removed 70% of our meadow habitat and severly reduced everyone's access to natural ecosystems for study and enjoyment. Most children are now urban-locked with no access to natural ecosystems and no physical or emotional connection to them.  Yet, the science curriculum in grades 3 through 6 requires an indepth understanding of ecosystems. It is difficult for the children to truly understand ecosystems, biodiversity, and the impact of their environmental footprint if they have never explored and experienced full ecosystems.

Earth Angels' Biodiversity Field Trip Program directly reconnects the children to the environment, and provides hands-on experiential learning directed at their curriculum.  It buses the elementary school children from grades 3 through 6 into properties with full ecosystems for hands-on learning and exploration.  This Program is provided free to the schools (including the buses), it is directed at the curriculum, includes in-class educational modules, as well as the 1/2 day field trip where the children receive on-site education.  These field trips take place during the school-day in late May and early June on large properties in Darlington, Pickering and North Bay. 

Training and Experience for Post-Secondary Students

To provide a more personalized learning experience for the school children, Earth Angels recruits university and college students to help teach the elementary school children on these Biodiversity Field Trips. This is a unique opportunity for post-secondary students to receive training and experience in outdoor environmental education. It provides them with valuable experience to augment their resumes, and directly involves them in community volunteering.  Earth Angels provides the post-secondary students with Teaching Modules and on-site training at each of the forest, meadow and wetland ecosystems on these properties.  This Program allows the university students to share their environmental knowledge with the younger school children, and provides a more personalized learning experience for the school children.

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The Green Portal

The Green Portal is a learning portal that allows the children to access more information on the species they studied on these field trips.  They can also upload and post information on their own explorations and actions to improve the environment to share with other classes and schools.  To enter the Green Portal click here

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