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At work in your community

We are in your community combating air & water pollution, climate change, revitalizing ecosystems and protecting biodiversity.  We are physically reducing air and water pollution through the planting of trees and plants, and energy conservation, as well as teaching the school children through "hands-on" programs, how to continue this work.  We are teaching the next generation the skills, and providing the tools.  To date we have planted the equivalent of 35 million trees, provided education to over 2 million children, and removed over 180 tonnes of pollution.  90% of your donation goes directly to Earth Angels' environmental programs. With your support, we can achieve so much more.

How your donation can help:

Save Our Pollinators

70% of our meadows have been removed.  Meadows are the native habitat of our pollinators, the butterflies and bees.  Now our pollinators are in trouble and we depend on them to pollinate our crops.  We are at work creating meadow habitat throughout Canada to provide food, homes and health for these pollinators.  Your donation can help us with this very important work.

Biodiversity Protection!

For 18 years we have been increasing the tree canopy and plant biodiversity in urban areas.  Everyone's health and wellbeing is dependent on protecting this biodiversity.  With your donation we can continue this work across Canada.

Hands-on Environmental Education

Our Programs directly involve the school children in environmental education and action.  The children want to play a meaningful role in the environment --- it is their future.  With your help we can include so many more children and schools that want to make a difference, and want to be part of these programs.

Pullution Reduction

Not everyone can reduce their carbon emissions as much as they should.  Let us help you.  Your donation, will allow Earth Angels to plant more trees, and undertake more work to physically reduce pollution, and teach the next generation.  Your donation goes directly towards pollution-fighting programs.


General donations will support our environmental work across Canada in educating the youth, reducing polluation, increasing our tree and plant biodiversity, and helping our environment adapt through climate change.

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  • Why Donate?

    Our biodiversity is suffering, and pollution keeps increasing.  90% of your donation goes directly towards Earth Angels’ environmental programs.  

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