About Us

It Began in 1992

In 1992, concern over the increasing impact of pollution on climate change and the environment, and the strong immediate need for action, led to the creation of Environmental Earth Angels by a group of Canadian educators, environmentalists, and community members.  A commitment was made to create and deliver action-based environmental programs that would have an immediate impact on reducing pollution, protecting our biodiversity, educating the people, and empowering the children and communities in ongoing environmental work.

Why Our Environmental Programs Are Important
  • Pollution-related death and illness rates increase each year with a health cost estimated to be $8 billion each year by 2031 according to the Canadian Medical Association.
  • Our biodiversity, or the variety of species in an ecosystem, is mankind's protection. Our biodiversity has already been impacted through the removal of habitat, and increasing pollution. Climate change will add a further impact. What happens if the number of bee species (our main crop pollinators) drops to one, and the last remaining species is impacted by a virus?
  • Acid rain caused by pollution, is significantly decreasing the life-span of trees and leaving them more open to disease and invasive species such as the Emerald Ash Borer.

What Have Our Programs Achieved

Earth Angels has created award winning environmental programs that are: removing the equivalent of 200 cars from the road each year; planted over 35 million trees; created over 3 hectares of meadow habitat to protect our pollinators; reducing pollution run-off into our rivers and lakes.  We have taught over 2 million youth in communities across Ontario and across Canada how to protect our environment and biodiversity.

Who is Watching

Each year information on Earth Angels reaches an audience of over 3 million people through all media platforms:  TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, and through our website which receives over 550,000 hits each year.

Who Attends our Program Events

Participants at Earth Angels environmental events include Mayors, MPP's, MP's, and City Councillors in addition to the Minister of the Environment and the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario.

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  • In The Media

    Each year Earth Angels’ programs receive both TV news and newspaper coverage.   View the TV news coverage we have received and see our programs in action.

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  • The Green Portal

    The Green Portal is your gateway to the environmental world. Come and explore Ontario's ecosystems, and biodiversity through videos, photos and information. 

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  • Why Donate?

    Our biodiversity is suffering, and pollution keeps increasing.  90% of your donation goes directly towards Earth Angels’ environmental programs.  

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